Waste management in Galicia

The management of waste generated in any activity is necessary, since it can be harmful to health and the environment.

The moment any material loses its usefulness, ending its purpose, it becomes waste, and it is very important to take care of it.

At PMA we work daily on optimizing this process, including waste collection, transportation to our prepared facilities and subsequent treatment.

Specialists in all types of waste

We are specialists in a wide variety of waste: industrial waste, automotive waste, electronic waste, etc.



The consequences of poor waste management can be disastrous for the environment. When treatment is inadequate, waste ends up in landfills and incinerators, causing problems in the soil, water and air.

Hazardous waste management

Waste classification is a task that must be carried out by professionals. At PMA Nutrigras, we take care of the collection of hazardous waste and provide adequate and risk-free treatment.

Hazardous waste is that which presents one or more of the dangerous characteristics, and that which may be approved by the Government in accordance with the provisions of European regulations or international conventions to which Spain is a party, as well as the containers and packaging that have contained them.

Gestor de Residuos Peligrosos y No Peligrosos en Galicia PMA

We are specialists in hazardous waste in Galicia

We have the technical and human resources necessary for the collection of hazardous waste. Among others, our daily work includes the collection of the following waste from different sectors, such as:

Hazardous characteristics of waste

For a waste to meet the hazardous characteristic, it must meet one of the following aspects:

Explosive | Oxidizer | Flammable | Irritant | Specific target organ toxicity | Acute toxicity | Carcinogen | Infectious | Toxic for reproduction | Mutagen | Release of an acutely toxic gas | Sensitizing | Ecotoxic

How long can I store hazardous waste?

The maximum storage period will be six months, except in exceptional cases, where the competent body of each Autonomous Community, for justified reasons, may modify the period.

Hazardous waste storage areas must be available for subsequent management.

Non-hazardous waste management

Waste produced by any subject that does not cause damage to the environment or health is non-hazardous waste. At PMA Nutrigras, we are responsible for the management of non-hazardous waste generated in industries and companies.

We valorize waste, classify it, and take care of transportation and collection for subsequent treatment, taking into account the composition of the waste.

Gestión de residuos peligrosos y no peligrosos en Galicia

What are non-hazardous industrial waste?

We have the technical and human resources necessary for the collection of hazardous waste. Among others, our daily work includes the collection of the following waste:

How long can I store non-hazardous waste?

The duration of storage of non-hazardous waste will be less than two years when it is intended for recovery and one year when it is intended for disposal.

Transport and collection of waste in Galicia

PMA Nutrigras carries out waste collection and transportation tasks in a sustainable manner, applying measures to reduce the carbon footprint in its movements.

We have our own transportation for collection, adapting to the requirements of each client, having different types of vehicles for them: tankers, box trucks, large tonnage platforms, vans...

Advantages of PMA Nutrigras in waste transportation

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  • We take care of collecting waste at your facilities, in a hygienic manner.

  • We transport waste, always contributing to the environment. Respect for the environment that surrounds us is our priority in all our tasks.

  • We always comply with current regulations on the transportation of waste and hazardous materials (LOTT and waste legislation).

  • We take care of people's health, increasing the demands when it comes to hazardous waste.