Used oil collection equipment in Ferrol

empresa de recogida de aceite para restaurantes en Ferrol

We collect the cooking oil from your restaurant in Ferrol

If you have a hospitality business and want to get rid of used cooking oil, at PMA Nutrigras we offer you a completely free collection service.

We approach your restaurant in Ferrol and install a container for you to deposit used cooking oil. We will periodically collect the oil for recycling.

Contact us and you will receive a response within 24 – 72 hours. In addition, you will receive a reward for your management, either through a free cleaning of your kitchen filters, or by receiving new oil


Waste manager authorized by the Xunta in Ferrol

The discharge of used cooking oil down the drain has dire consequences for the Ferrol estuary and the environment.

With PMA Nutigras you will contribute to the care of the ecosystem through ecological practices. In addition, you will receive an official certificate for the removal of waste.

consecuencias de verter el aceite en Ferrol

Advantages of recycling used cooking oil in Ferrol

The used oil is reused for the production of Biodiesel, a car fuel widely used in buses. This fuel is ideal, since it does not contribute to the increase in the greenhouse effect.
If you have a restaurant, cafeteria or bar, , we will improve the image of your business thanks to your work in collecting cooking oil. We take care of picking it up frequently.

Extractor hood filters

Maintenance and cleaning of a restaurant's extractor hoods helps eliminate bad odors, prevent the retention of oils and fats, improve the operation of the extractor and save energy.

For each client, PMA Nutrigras offers tailored solutions, as it has the material and professionals necessary to carry out this maintenance in the kitchen of your business.

The waste generated is collected and transported for its corresponding recycling.

Filtros de extractor de cocina en Ferrol

Mantenimiento y limpieza filtros de extractor de cocina Ferrol

Grease separators

To treat grease-laden scrubbing water, optimal functioning of the grease separators is necessary. Its function is to separate solid waste, grease and detergents. The maintenance frequency of the separators will be assessed by our team of experts.

Recycling of used oil in Ferrol

Do not hesitate to contact us for the installation of drums for collecting oil in your business.

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