Recycling and collection of cooking oil in Ourense

Recogida y reciclado de aceite usado en Orense

Cooking oil collection service for restaurants in Ourense

At PMA Nutrigras, we are an authorized waste management company and we have a specialized service in used oil collection in Ourense.

If you have any hospitality business, be it a restaurant, cafeteria, bar, dining room or hotel, and it is located in Ourense, we take care of the collection and recycling of your used cooking oil .

Through a waste management contract, we install containers or drums and empty them periodically in a manner totally free. Our professional team will take care of its removal periodically.


Discharging used oil from your restaurant is harmful to the environment

The environmental consequences derived from the discharge of used cooking oil are dangerous for the rivers and lakes of Ourense.

At PMA Nutrigras we have the solution to that problem, and it does not involve any cost. It won't be easier for you to contribute to the planet around us. If you have a hospitality business in Ourense, contact us!

Aceite vertido por el fregadero en Orense

The oil collected in Ourense is used for the production of Biodiesel

El combustible utilizado en transportes como los autobuses urbanos es el denominado Biodiesel. Gracias a la ayuda de los restaurantes y a la recogida de su aceite usado de cocina, se facilita la producción de este carburante para automóviles.
Para formar parte de esta iniciativa y contribuir con el medioambiente, tan solo deberás depositar el aceite para reciclar en el contenedor que te instalemos. Fácil y sencillo. El combustible producido ayuda a frenar el efecto invernadero.

Accumulation of fat in the extractor hood

Cleaning the extractor hood filters is key to eliminating grease retention and dealing with bad odors present in the kitchen.

In addition, it is very important to carry out periodic and preventive maintenance so that it works correctly, as it can cause discomfort among staff and even customers.

PMA Nutrigras has professionals who will be in charge of cleaning and caring for the filters in the extractor hood of your restaurant in Ourense.

Mantenimiento y limpieza filtros de extractor de cocina Orense

Separadores de grasa en cafeterias Ourense

Grease separators

Fat separators are used to treat wastewater from any type of kitchen or food industry. They are used to separate, firstly, solid waste and secondly, greases and detergents. Our job is to guarantee correct operation through our periodic maintenance.

Recycling of used cooking oil in Ourense

If you want to take advantage of your grease separator installations, it is highly recommended that you separate used cooking oil. Our drums are practical and comfortable, and one of our employees will be in charge of collecting and emptying it whenever you need it.

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