Oil collection in Vigo

Recogida y reciclado de aceite de cocina en Vigo

Collection and recycling of used cooking oil in Vigo

We take care of the collection and recycling of cooking oil used in restaurants, cafes and hotels in the city of Vigo.

Our collection service includes the installation of used oil containers in Vigo, which we empty periodically completely free of charge.

Cooking oil recycling is very important for restaurants, cafes and bars in Vigo, since they must have a waste management contract with an authorized company that guarantees the recycling of oil and drums for storage.


Why shouldn't you pour oil down the sink in your restaurant?

This action is very harmful to the environment around us. If it is a common practice in your business, you are contributing to the pollution of the rivers, lakes and seas of Vigo.

At PMA we offer you a used cooking oil collection service in Vigo specialized in hospitality. We manage your waste at no cost, we even replace your old used oil with new oil.

Qué pasa si vertimos el aceite por el fregadero en Vigo

What use do we give to the used oil from the restaurants in Vigo?

The used cooking oil that we collect is used to produce Biodiesel. Biodiesel is a fuel used to power different means of transport, such as Vigo buses.
And what are the benefits? You will help stop the greenhouse effect and contribute to the environment. You will simply have to deposit the oil in a container that we will install and that we will pick up periodically.

Extractor filter in the kitchen

It is very common for bad odors in the kitchen to come from the extractor hood filter. It is the place where fats are retained, mainly due to the use to which they are subjected.

Our professionals have the necessary materials to clean the filters in the extractors, adapting to the installations of each client.

We take care of the maintenance and cleaning of these filters in the restaurants of Vigo, and we collect, transport and treat the waste generated.

Limpieza de filtros para el extractor de cocina en Vigo

Mantenimiento de separadores de grasa en hosteleria Vigo

Grease separators

Maintenance of grease separators is necessary to ensure optimal operation, otherwise solid waste and grease and detergents may not be separated correctly. Grease separators are essential in industrial kitchens to treat grease-laden washing water.

Cooking oil separation

We remove used cooking oil by collecting drums. Our employees go to your restaurant in Vigo and collect your used oil for subsequent appropriate treatment.

This service does not involve any cost to your business, and in most cases we even financially reward you for the contribution, or we replace your used cooking oil with clean oil.

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