Gestor de Residuos Autorizados por la Xunta PMA Nutrigras Authorized waste manager
by the Xunta de Galicia

PMA · Nutrigras S A

We are

one Galician company




is a family business located in Mos (Pontevedra) that offers a wide variety of services around the transportation of goods and waste management.

Our extensive experience as a waste collection company spans more than 30 years. Whoever trusts us obtains excellent results and a degree of satisfaction.

We have logistics points throughout Galicia

We have our own transportation for waste collection, which optimizes our response time, with the efficiency and safety of transportation being essential for a good service. We offer waste minimization and recovery processes, which makes PMA NUTRIGRAS a company committed to the circular economy. We are a manager authorized by the Xunta de Galicia.

What types of waste do we manage?

Waste treatment depends on its classification. We have professionals who guarantee solutions for both hazardous and non-hazardous waste.


We advise our clients and are committed to offering the best solutions regarding the management of their waste.

Our purpose is to convey the importance of respect for the environment. We help companies comply with current legal regulations, improve their corporate image, manage their waste and identify environmental risks and opportunities.

We support all types of businesses, our greatest commitment is customer satisfaction.


Benefits of hiring our waste management company

  • Contribution to the environment: we always work with the objective of conserving biodiversity and protecting the environment that surrounds us, in addition to improving the image of companies by contributing to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Personalized waste collection management: we adapt to your needs and particularities in our assessments, and we have our own transportation for travel.
  • We comply with the waste management law: we meet the requirements of the international reference standards UNE EN ISO 9001, UNE EN ISO 14001 and ISCC EU.
  • Avoid fines and sanctions: in addition to complying with the law, we guarantee that waste will never be misused.
  • Increased worker safety: our work has to be carried out by professionals, without putting company personnel at risk in waste management.

We are at your disposal whenever you need it

Are you looking for a trustworthy, competent and flexible professional in Galicia?
Don't worry, we are at your service. For years, we have offered top quality service to a wide variety of clients. Our qualified staff and the use of environmentally friendly products have allowed us to succeed in the sector.

Servicio integral de residuos
Comprehensive waste service
lavado y vaporizacion de cisternas y depositos
Washing and steaming of tanks and tanks
Calentamiento de cisternas
Tanker heating
Limpieza de filtros de cocina mediante separadores de grasa
Cleaning kitchen filters and grease separators
valorización de aceite vegetal usado
Recovery of used vegetable oil
Valorización de envases plásticos
Recovery of plastic containers
Almacenamiento de grasas
Fat storage
Transporte de residuos peligrosos y no peligrosos, mercancias y productos categoria 3
Transport of hazardous and non-hazardous waste, goods and category 3 products
Limpieza industrial y naval mediante camion aspirador impulsor
Industrial and naval cleaning using a vacuum cleaner truck

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