Cooking oil collection in A Coruña

Recogida y reciclado de aceite de cocina usado en Coruña

Recycling of used oil in restaurants in Coruña

If you have a business in the hospitality sector in A Coruña and want to start recycling used cooking oil, we have the perfect solution for you. At PMA Nutrigras we take care of the collection and recycling of used oil in the restaurants, cafes, bars and hotels in A Coruña.

We go to the premises, install containers or drums to deposit the oil and make a periodic collection completely free of charge, , in addition to offering a reward for management (new oil, cleaning kitchen filters, etc.).

We are a waste manager authorized by the Xunta de Galicia and we offer a specialized service in hospitality for oil recycling. The restaurants, cafes and bars in A Coruña that hire our services will receive an official certificate for the removal of the waste.


Contribute to care for the environment and recycle your cooking oil

Pouring oil down the sink should not be an option, as it is an anti-ecological practice and very harmful to our ecosystem.

Used oil makes the operation of A Coruña's treatment plants difficult and more expensive, polluting rivers, lakes and seas.

Consecuencias del vertido de aceite por el fregadero en Coruña

We collect your used oil recycling container in A Coruña

You just have to deposit the used cooking oil in the container that we install for you. We will take care of collecting it when you need it within a period of 24 to 72 hours.
Do you want to know what the advantage of recycling used cooking oil is? In addition to the reward for management, the oil collected is used for the production of Biodiesel, a fuel that does not contribute to the increase in the greenhouse effect.

Maintenance of kitchen extractors

One of the problems posed by the industrial kitchen of hospitality businesses is fat retention and bad odors. The most common is that a large part of these come from extractor hoods, a consequence of their daily use.

Hence the importance of maintaining and cleaning the filters of these extractor hoods frequently. Our technicians have the materials and knowledge necessary to perform this maintenance on the filters of your restaurant's extractor hoods.

In addition, we collect and transport all the waste generated for recycling.

Mantenimiento de filtros del extractor en cafeterías de Coruña

Separadores de grasa en cafeterias Coruña

Maintenance of grease separators

Just as maintenance of the extractor hood filters is essential to ensure their correct functioning, the same thing happens with the grease separators. These are used to separate solid waste, grease and detergents, and their function is key to treating scrubbing water.

Oil collection service in Coruña totally free

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