Collection of used oil in Lugo

Recogida aceite usado cocina en Lugo

We collect used oil from your restaurant in Lugo for free

At PMA Nutrigras, we have a cooking oil collection service used for restaurants, cafes, bars or any hospitality business in Lugo.

We go to your premises, install containers enabled for the deposit of used oil, and we take care of collecting it periodically for subsequent recycling. The installation and collection service do not entail any cost for the restaurant, on the contrary, the business will receive an official certificate for the removal of the waste

We are a waste manager authorized by the Xunta de Galicia and our main concern is the care enviroment. We offer a quick response from 24 to 72 hours, do not hesitate to contact us!


restaurants, cafes and bars in Lugo must have a waste management contract

If your restaurant pours the oil down the sink, you are carrying out an anti-ecological practice and contributing to the pollution of the rivers and lakes of Lugo.

Thanks to PMA Nutrigras waste management, you will improve the image of your restaurant and contribute responsibly to caring for the environment. In addition, you will receive a reward for management (new oil or a free cleaning of the kitchen filters).

Vertir el aceite por el fregadero en Lugo

How to recycle used oil in Lugo?

It's very easy, you just have to deposit the used cooking oil in one of our containers or drums. When the container is full, the PMA team will take care of the collection and recycling.
The used cooking oil will be used to produce a fuel for automobiles that does not contribute to the increase in the greenhouse effect, Biodiesel. This fuel is mainly used in buses.

Extractor hood filters

Correct maintenance of the kitchen extractor filter helps with ventilation, eliminates bad odors, contributes to energy savings and fat retention. Fat accumulation is more than common in extractor hoods due to frequent daily use.

At PMA Nutrigras we have professionals who are dedicated to the maintenance and cleaning of extractor hood filters in restaurants in the city of Lugo. It is recommended that maintenance be carried out periodically to extend the useful life of the equipment.

Limpieza campana extractora y cambio de filtros restaurante Lugo

Limpieza de separadores de grasa en Lugo

Grease separators

Separating fats from clean water is essential in a restaurant, as they can solidify and clog any wastewater treatment system. The grease separator, therefore, is an element that requires frequent and continuous maintenance. And it is at this point that PMA Nutrigras will be of great help to you!

Adequate treatment of waste in Lugo

We are professionals and offer waste collection and transportation, recycling, recovery and environmental consulting services in Lugo.

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