Collection of used cooking oil in Ribadeo

Collection and recycling of oil for restaurants in Ribadeo

The collection and recycling of used oil in the hospitality businesses of Ribadeo is very important for environment. At PMA Nutrigras we take care of its collection free of charge, offering an official certificate for the removal of the waste.

We place containers in your restaurant in Ribadeo and empty them periodically. In addition, we offer a reward for each collection, either by delivering new oil or free maintenance of kitchen filters.

Restaurants, cafes and bars in Ribadeo that hire our oil collection service will have a waste management contract with a company authorized by the Xunta de Galicia.< /p>

Never pour oil down the sink again

If you have a restaurant you must be aware of how harmful this action is to the environment around us, it is an anti-ecological practice. The drains are sources of contamination of the beach and rivers of Ribadeo.

Convert used cooking oil into biodiesel

Oil collection contributes directly to the care of the environment. You just have to empty the used oil from your business in Ribadeo into one of the containers that we install for you.
Thanks to your contribution you will be helping the production of a fuel that leaves no trace in increasing the greenhouse effect, the so-called Biodiesel. It is mostly used for public transport, in buses.

Maintenance and cleaning of extractor hoods

The filter of these hoods is where most of the fat is retained in a restaurant. The accumulation of grease, bad odors and increased energy expenditure are a consequence of poor maintenance of these filters.

At PMA Nutrigras we are dedicated to the maintenance and cleaning of the filters of the extractor hoods for hoteliers in the city of Ribadeo. It is recommended that maintenance be carried out periodically to extend the useful life of the equipment.

Grease separators

Solid waste, grease, detergents, etc. have to be separated in the scrubbing water, which is why grease separators are so important. To guarantee the proper functioning of these, as with the extractor filters, maintenance is necessary that we will carry out ourselves.

Recycle the cooking oil from your cafeteria in Ribadeo

Contact us through the form and we will respond within 24 hours! Contribute to improving the environment and recycle your oil.

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