Collection of cooking oil in restaurants in Pontevedra

empresa de recogida de aceite de cocina para restaurantes en Pontevedra

Free installation of used oil containers

We go to your restaurant, cafeteria or bar in Pontevedra and collect your cooking oil. To do this, we install containers or drums so that the oil tank is practical and simple.

We are a waste management company authorized by the Xunta de Galicia. We have specialized services in hospitality, granting each of our clients for the collection of used cooking oil, an official certificate for the removal of the waste.

In addition, we also offer a management reward through delivery of new oil or a free filter cleaning.


Why shouldn't your restaurant in Pontevedra pour oil down the sink?

Oil dumping is an anti-ecological and harmful practice for the ecosystem that surrounds us. Pouring oil down your restaurant sink is harmful to the Pontevedra Estuary and the Lerez River.

No verter el aceite por el fregadero en Pontevedra

What benefits does the oil collection service have?

Without a doubt, the most important thing is the contribution of your business to the environment, improving the social responsibility of your restaurant and its image in Pontevedra.
The used cooking oil will be used for the production of Biodiesel, a fuel for automobiles that helps stop the increase in the greenhouse effect.

Cleaning the extractor hood filter

We eliminate bad odors in the kitchen, reduce the retention of fats and oils, improve the operation of the extractor hood and help save energy.

We have specialists in our workforce who will take care of the maintenance and regular cleaning of your restaurant's extractor hood.

The waste generated is collected and transported for its corresponding recycling.

Limpieza de filtros para el extractor restaurantes Pontevedra

mantenimiento separadores de grasa Pontevedra

Maintenance of grease separators

Grease separators first separate solid waste and then separate grease and detergents. Its function is very important in the kitchens of hospitality businesses for the treatment of washing water. At PMA Nutigras we take care of the maintenance necessary for the proper functioning of the fat separators.

Recycling cooking oil in Pontevedra has never been so simple.

Contact us and we will install a container for you to deposit the used oil. When you need it, we will pick it up at no cost to you.

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