usos habituales del aceite de oliva

Olive oil and its uses

Spain holds first place in the world as a producer and exporter, followed (in the distance) by Italy and Greece, of olive oil.
The main flavor component in the Mediterranean diet is very beneficial for our health, since according to multiple research studies, it reduces the risk of suffering from heart disease and diabetes; in addition to more everyday uses recommended generation after generation such as: hair detangler, makeup remover, even to use as a shaving cream.
But… what else do we know about olive oil… do you know the differences between those that are marketed? Or would you know how to choose according to the occasion?
We answer these questions in a simple way:
Those that are marketed are 4 categories: (European Legislation Regulation 1019/2002)

EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL: Maximum quality and does not exceed 0.8 degrees of acidity
VIRGIN OLIVE OIL: does not exceed 2 degrees of acidity
OLIVE OIL: oils that have not exceeded the quality standards of the previous ones and mixed with a proportion of 10 or 20% with virgin oil
OLIVE POMAC OIL: refined from the paste left over from olive extraction, mixed in a small quantity with virgin oil.

And depending on the dish you are going to prepare:
Within the great variety of olives (about 260 varieties) the most used are:

ABERQUINIA: is the SOFTEST. Ideal for cold dishes: gazpacho, sauces, salads
HOJIBLANCA: for BREAD!!!! The typical splash on the bread!! And also for pasta.
CORNICABRA: for MASSES, both sweet and savory.
PICUAL: Intense. For stews, stir-fries,

And finally, does olive oil expire or not?
Well it does NOT expire! But it does have a best before date depending on how it has been preserved.
The expiration date marks the date from which there may be a risk to the health of those who consume it. There is a European Regulation that requires this date to be marked on perishable foods, but olive oil is not considered perishable food.
The deterioration that olive oil can suffer is mainly caused by the type of container and storage location, the most suitable being a container that does not allow light to pass through.

And once it has been used for cooking, CALL US TO GO LOOK FOR IT and you will contribute in the best way to CARE FOR THE ENVIRONMENT.

We will adapt it so that it becomes raw material for biofuels again, and we will make everything revert in favor of our planet. We will adapt it so that it will become raw material for biofuels again, and we will make everything revert in favor of our planet.

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