How do you write, environment or environment?

ENVIRONMENT OR ENVIRONMENT: BOTH ARE CORRECT, according to the Fundéu BBVA. Although the simple graphics are preferred, which is: ENVIRONMENT.

Experts from the Fundéu explain it to us: Words that lose their accent when pronounced together with others tend to be written together, which is why “environment”, “rainbow” or “face up” form “environment”, “rainbow” and “bocarriba”, according to the “Orthography of the Spanish language”

Therefore the plural of “environment” is “environments” and the derived adjective is “environmental”, in a single word.

And then why do they write it separately?

The explanation is the following:

When it is part of an official name, it is advisable to respect the form that appears in the name: “The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment works to reduce polluting emissions by 10% by 2020” or “World Environment Day (DMMA) is the main instrument of the United Nations to encourage and raise awareness of action for the environment.” This spelling is considered correct, it is best to write “environment” in both sentences.

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